I am currently working as a Network Analyst for Hinds County School District in Raymond, MS.

In my free time I practice enhancing my skills by expanding my certification library as well as participating in networking groups with other members of the industry. I consider myself a person that greatly enjoys gaining more knowledge in my area of expertise.


To whom it may concern:


My strong desire to learn and apply advanced technologies, coupled with what I have learned from coursework and on-the-job experience makes me a strong candidate for your team.


From my Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Prep Practicum course, I have been able to use Packet Tracer simulation activities, basic computer troubleshooting, real equipment labs, remote access labs and various syntax check points for Cisco IOS router and switch language. Currently, as an IT Analyst at Hinds County School District, I realize that one of my greatest strengths is the ability to approach time-sensitive, demanding problems in a calm, focused and efficient manner. In addition, I have collaborated with various personnel such as cafeteria staff, school librarians, school deputy officers, chief financial officer, superintendent and many more. Specifically, I believe my exposure to learning to communicate effectively and work with people in a technical crisis has helped me to use critical thinking skills in my approach as a technician.


For the past two years, I have furthered my troubleshooting experience not only as an IT Analyst, but also by helping various individuals that I may encounter. Several services that I have offered are free consultations and basic troubleshooting for different technology needs. It is extremely rewarding to know that I am someone with whom people can work with to fix their technology issues, and with whom they can talk to regarding such topics as what’s new in the technology world.


As outlined above, my dedication to the field of technology support is both proven and strong. I believe you will discover my warm personality, strong communication skills, maturity, and my organizational skills to be of great interest. Thank you for your time and consideration.



Luther Samuel Jr.





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